Bubble Pop Electric

4. února 2006 v 8:54 | wia |  texty piesní
Come on Johnny when you gonna get here?
Alright hold your pretty horses ill be there in a minute you just get
Yourself dolled up alright
Toots and you pick a place you just pick a place
Um Johnny...
Yeah Gwenie Gwen Gwen
You might wanna hurry because tonight is the night

I´m empty I need fulfilling yes I do love
To the ceiling when I do love
I get this feeling when I´m in love

I´ restless can´t you see I try my bestest
To be good girl because it´s just us
So take me now and do me justice

I´m waiting patiently
Anticipating your arrical
And I´m hating
It takes so long to get to my house
To take me out

Chorus: Tonight I´m gonna give you all my love in the back seat
Gonna speed it down and slow it up in the back seat
Uh-o in the back seat

Ok now, I understand he´s on his way now
But jeez louise I mean today now
I can´t wait I wanna play now

I´m antsy
My sweet tooth I want your candy
The Queen Of England would say it randy

I´m itchy
I wish you would come and scratch me
Tonight I´m falling won´t you catch me
Swoop on by so you can snatch me
And take me out


I´ll get it
Hey Johnny
Let me go grab my sweater
Hi Mr. Stefani
Bye mom
So baby where wanna go huh?

The need to be satisfield
Come pick me up I want a ride
Hurry, hurry come to me
Drive in movie
Drive in move me
Drive into me

You´ve gotta get it
(Straight to me, drive in movie)
Take it to the back seat
Run it like a track meet
(Come to me, drive in movie)



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